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frontier 350 doesn´t get orders from terminals


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hi there,

i´m new to the forum. thanks for launching it.

i´ve a few problems:

we run a fuji frontier 350 with 3 customer-terminals (2x silverlab IT9000 and 1x agfa imagebox). the software, we use on the FRONTIER-PC is an older version of fuji digital imaging under windows 2000. also we run DI Simple Print software to get the customer orders.

anything worked fine until yesterday. since yesterday no single customer-order came to our fuji. first, i thought, it´s a network-issue. but network runs fine. then i restored the fuji-machine to it´s original settings. but also this wasn´t the solution. now i am scanning each computer for possible viruses.

i ve not been here yesterday, but my colleague told me, that yesterday morning one order vrom the imagebox works and after that, anything was dead.

is here anybody with similar problems, and solutions for me?

thanks a lot.

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