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P2 safety thermostat activated. Heater turned off.


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Have you cleaned the inside of the P2 heater. Over time the chemical creates a film inside the heater walls. That will keep the heater from transferring the heat to the liquid. After the heater gets too hot the thermostat is activated. If you clean the heater and the problem returns then the previous post is correct. The relay has started to fail.

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Hi experts,

hope you will be able to help me with my problem. Today I turned on my frontier 370 and the temperature of the Ps1 stucken at 25 degrees.How can I solve the Problem, without buying a new, rather expensive, circuit board?

Thank you very much for your anwsers!

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I've same problem.. I've checked all pumps its clean, but P2 temp when it comes to 32.0 the message coming P2 safety thermostat activated. heater turned off... and we found chemical cartridge not opened since the installation. we tried by clicking from I/o check normal and reverse... no response.. this is a used machine we installed in nov just after after 3 months...

initially paper jammed in P2 rack, i removed and cleaned that rack and put it back by that time p2 low message came..

later W-2532 message came,G, B laser (SHG) optimal temperature setting periods.--It’s time to perform SHG stabilization.--This error occurs in the following cases.

1. Three months have passed since the last optimal

temperature setting.

2. 30 days have passed since shipping date.

I did all above.... since 3 weeks i've been struggling If its SSR2, pl let me know where to buy..

Thank you

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SSR was changed about six months ago. i don't think it will cause problems soon. This time it was the dirty heater. i also changed the filters.



I really think that its a bad ideea. you're only keeping the safety thermostat from powering the heater off, whitch means your heater is overheating. it might work on short term but you will eventually have to fix this. Why else would fuji put a safety thermo there.

Have you cleaned the heater as well? or just the pumps?

I bought the SSR relays from an Omron distributor, took about two weeks, aprox. 50$/pc.

good luck

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Hello All,

I have been have this problem for somtime, i understand that the solution is to clean/replace the filter or clean the thermo sensor rod near filter or even clean the heater.

Every time i have faced this problem i have performed one of the above actions and the my 370 starts working fine.

[face=Geneva]However my question to all the experts is how do we stop this formation on filter/Sensor or heater? here in bangalore it is very difficult to get engineers/experts. one of the engineer said that this formation is due to low output (My output is 100-200 6x4 prints every day on an average) please help me how do solve this so that the does not arises in future.[/face]

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hello, when i turn on my frontier 340 the temperature shows that p1 44.0 and in the other tanks 20.0 and after two or three minutes i recive this message  safety thermostat activated. Heater turned off  i clean the heaters and clean the sensors and still have the same problem

can any one help me?

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