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SP-3000 will not focus


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We recently purchased an Fuji SP-3000 scanner and for the most part everything seems to be functioning.  One major exception.  It will not focus on any of the masks for the manual carrier that require the medium format light diffuser.  It attempts to focus but a fail error comes up every time.  This is whether you are in the focus registration area of the maintenance menu or attempting to do a scan.  I was able to register the focus for given medium format carriers but I could only do this by doing the focus registration with no film in the carrier.  That at least allowed me to attempt scanning but the scans are out of focus.  All focussing is fine when using the smaller light diffuser for smaller formats.

Any thoughts are most welcome.  Alternately, I'm willing to pay for phone support if there is anyone that can be recommended or if anyone here is an expert with the SP-3000 scanner.


Greg Miller

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