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Error 3000 on C4/C5


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Hi to all, we are having the weirdest problem:

Our Setup:

3x C4/C5 Clients on XP (V5.5.0E-953K)

1x C4/C4 "dedicated frontend server" on XP (V5.5.0E-960K) - clients connects to this pc, this pc connects to BOTH FMPC'S


2x Fuji 570 Frontiers (1 on each FMPC)

1x Gigabit switch

This setup allows us to print on either frontier from any client, and has been working fine for 3 years, until we suddenly started

getting Error 3000 when converting. In order to solve this problem we have reinstalled windows & C4/C5 on the "dedicated frontend server" a couple of times, we later replaced the entire pc with a brand new one, reinstalled windows & C4/C5 software on all the clients, replaced all network cables, replaced switch, we just can't get rid of Error 3000. It seems to be random, but more often with bigger orders or multiple orders.

Any help or insights would be appreciated!

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Hi again Sherwood, all looks fine in server.txt, fdiatrace.txt is greek to me:) What I have noticed is that one file in an order goes corrupt, and this specific file is sometimes left on its own in the Inspool folder, sometimes this file looks damaged (half of the image is grey), and the entire order fails. In the Outspool folder all files appear except the specific file which caused the error. Hope this helps!

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Hi Derick2,

I have sent you a PM.

It seems that the Convertserver is failing because of this corrupt file and is probably what the FDIAtrace will indicate. But I suppose the problem now is why the file in the inspool has become corrupted: network glitch? Is the original file the same file or type of file each time?

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