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Adobe Photoshop With MS01


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When I send a picture through Photoshop, the picture comes out as if sent by MS01 NONE Default ¨ ¨ The pictures come out with lack of color, contrast, as if they were washed.

I would like to know if anyone has a profile or something to send for this, fix any suggestion

additional information

Adobe CS2

MS01 Ver.

I await your prompt response.


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Attached is a photo the photo number 3 is the result of printing by Photoshop, What I wish is that the photo number 3 comes out like picture number 1, number 1 is the photo as it comes with the standard channel, photo number 2 is placed in the channel None, I would greatly appreciate them is to find a way to send out photoshop and I like the picture 1

3 = 1, I expect a prompt response,

are thanked in advance

Atte Jose Suaznabar

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Are you saving the file as an sRGB file? If not, does your printer convert the file to sRBG?

I do not know Fuji equipment, as we use a Noritsu 3202, but I do know that color management/color spaces can be a real challenge to work with.

If we do not convert an RGB file to sRGB, it comes out flat and low in contrast.

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