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Frontier 370 : all copies blank


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apologies for my english

two month ago i have a problem about error 2529 sos detection failed and a lot of stripes in photos... the problem solve with a check of conection outside of my laboratory from electrical supply provider...

Then a week ago, the problems is back... whitout solution checking electrical supply...

yesterday i leave all the equipment on, dont switched off, today all copies are blank, just white !!! no errors, nothing !!!

I restart all equipment but the copies still blank !!!

Any ideas ?


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I trying to see for paper stuck but i cant see anything

About shutter, The operation from maintenance menu is normal, operates and indicate open and close normally... I read service manual and ctl20 (i am not shure) check the opening and try 3 times before give a error, i dont have error, then i think that the shutter is normal...


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Finally was the most common error, no check chemistry. was chemistry problem (p1), but I didnt touch or change anything !, just leave the printer on all night long... well, solved, the image go back  

BUT, I cant print because the stripes and error 2529 continues ...

For avoid duplicate thread, i paste link to original :


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Mr. you can check

1. Loose or poorly connected OPT3 on laser unit or FMC4 on FMC20 circuit board

2. Poorly connected OPT3J on the bottom of ROS or JND2-1 on the JND20 circuit board

3-1.Loose, poorly connected or broken R-AOM coaxial cable.

3-2.Faulty R-AOM driver

4. Poorly connected or broken BNC cable between the FMC20 circuit board and AOM driver

5. Optical parameter data "Scanning position detection interval" or "Scanning position detection level" is corrupted


Disconnect and then reconnect the connector

securely. Especially, make sure the BNC cable is

securely locked.


Exchange the input cable (coaxial cable from

FMC20) and output cable (AOM coaxial cable)

between the R-AOM and G-AOM drivers.


Perform "Scanning Position/Scanning Home

Position Parameter Setup (45G)" to check whether

or not the "Detection Interval" is "1465" and

"Detection Level" is "127."


(1)(2)(3)(4)-1: Disconnect and then reconnect the connector securely. If no abnormality is found in the items (3)-2 and (5), replace ROS or FMC20 circuit board.

(3)-2: When the system returns to normal operation if the R-AOM and G-AOM drivers are exchanged, repair or replace the R-AOM driver. (5) If the parameters are incorrect:

1. Perform "Data Download (45V)".

2. Check the parameters. If the parameters are incorrect, perform data download from the floppy disk.

3. Check the parameters. If the parameters are incorrect, replace the CTL20 circuit board.

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