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DI C4C5 Problem


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W-1461 Reading of image file failed.

Image import printing cancelled.

File print image cannot be obtained

from the DI Controller.

1. Check the image file and the file


2. Restart the DI Controller.

W-1548 Printer processor not in standby. Check the network connections, and

then press the [Retry] button. To cancel the image import, press the

[Cancel] button. An error occurred when an image file

was printed (while the external input was selected).

(Causes of the error message)

1. The printer section was not in the

standby mode while the external

input was selected.

1. Set the printer to the standby

mode and press [Retry].

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Once again same problem!!!. I took another machine cloned the hard drive and put it in doesnt work!!!

Do i have to reinstall the software in the main machine also?

I am so confused please someone out there help me.

I just want to get a new machine and install everything again on that.

My machine software is A1 v3.05-00571 in my 340 Frontier and this one that I have in the is DI PRINT DATA WRITTING SERVICE 4.6-oe-707

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