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Contaminated 375 - CPAC startup chem questions


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Hi all, I have a Frontier 375 that is contaminated (don't ask, its hard to get good help!).

I have called my CPAC chem supplier and told them that I needed to dump everything in my lab and start over. They have only sent me 2x 1.7L bottles of "CP-1 RA-PRM Developer Replenisher" (Each bottle says to make 10L). I'm pretty sure that I should have something else for the developer and I have received nothing for the Fixer and no instructions at all. I've called them back and they know NOTHING at all.

So my question is, can anyone tell me exactly what I need and does anyone have a copy of the CPAC startup instructions that they can scan for me?

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

Thanks a million.

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