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SP2000 communication error


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I have a communication error in my SP2000 scanning table. We have allready replaced some circuitboards, GIS20, GLO20, GMC20, butt the problem still remains.

We also replaced the SCSI board (in the Toshiba Equium 5500FF), butt this one is not the same as the original (Sc-uwpci-3) We think the problem is in this (not original) SCSI Board. Now we want to replace this with an original one...

My 2 questions are,

1) can sombody see, if there is a component missing in the circile? If so which one?

2) Where can I buy the same board?  SC-UWPCI-3

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Did you check that the board is actually not working?? on Win NT 4.0 .. if you reinstall with the board in the PC.. it would detect it as a Symbios 810... and you can go to the SCSI icon in Control panel and then check for FUJI devices attached to it..

I can imagine that if there's 7 devices.. well.. board working somehow..

I have the same board.. on 1 pc.. works fine.. (but mb broken so restarts every x minutes) on a New pc.. same board.. does not communicate with A1 soft.. so can't use it.. but board is fine.. so i am thinking maybe fuji software is doing something strange?? mmmm

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