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Frontier 370 Workstation help


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Hello. Are you talking about Toshiba computer ( computer connected with scanner ) ? Depends your old disc still work or not. At first make scanner and printer backups to floppy discs from Frontier menu. Then save floppy content to the some other storage ( HD, USB and etc )  If hard disc still working and you just want to change it - just use any disc cloning software ( Acronis true image, Norton ghost, Paragon or some other ) and job will be done.

If  hard disc is crashed then put new hard disc. Then if you use original computer run recovery disc ( if computer is new have to use Windows instillation CD instead recovery CD ) , install A1 software and C4-C5. You will have to do it, if you have typical instillation.

If you use FE, MS or system with FMPC software reinstall will be different. Anyway can be any software or configuration, if you will use disc cloning software ( of course if you have working disc ) .

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first thanks for the help

the hard disk is dead i succed to install a new one and NT 4.0 os then sp6 but failed to install A1 due to devices drivers

i think it's a problem of configuration of the toshiba equium XL10 cause some drivers are missed and i don't have cd recovery

any suggestion please?

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Check computer configuration. To install A1 correctly must be correct computer name, user name, password, user group, work-group name, HD configuration and letters and CD drive letter. Also maybe some driver is missing. check it in Windows.

You can get recovery disc from someone, who has the same minilab. Do you have scanner and printer backup data ? It is better to copy backup floppy files to some more reliable ( HD, USB, CD... ) , because one day you can't open floppy and will be too late to save their content.

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