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Fujifilm Frontier 340


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HI, first of all, sorry for my english, I'm spanish. Then I have a lot of questions. I need to reinstall the software, and I don't need to install the last version. I see in a lot of posts the method to install C4-C5 software in windows 2000, but I don't have the software, someone can send me the original software to install it??

In other post I read, to print from other computers, I need the C8 version. It's possible to download?? how it works??

Thanks for all!!!

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#servmanmex, muchas gracias, ya tengo el software C4 C5, y funcionando!!!

#manager, I don't understand you. I can see where do you indicate the procedure to use MS?

And now, a new question. I install the software in Windows 2000 Server, and in the operating system I installa Terminal Services for remote control, in Windows Server, when I start the session with default user, FRONTIER, the software starts automatically, and when I connect with remote desktop to the server, and I use the same user, the software starts too. Can occur any error by having the application open that?

Thanks for your time!!!

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