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FP232B Heater problem


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I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on this problem we're having.

We have a Fuji Minilab FP232B and for a while we've been having heater abnormal warnings. Right now N1, N2, N3, NS1, NS2, and N4 don't seem to be heating well. I opened the side and Heater 1 is heating and warm to the touch but the other two are still cold. I know that we'd tried replacing Heater 2 months ago when we starting having issues but the Christmas rush side-tracked us.  We also had cleaned and inspected the tanks and lines but didn't notice any issues there.

We were told about little circuit protectors on the main board we can push that might have been tripped but that didn't seem to fix anything either. Any ideas on what we could do to fix this? We don't do alot of film but still like to provide this service for people in the area.

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Well the heaters seem to be working now. The problem is that the last tank (n4 rinse) heated up to 36 degrees then stopped. All the other tanks are at the right temperature.

Any ideas on what would cause this one tank to stop that close to it's proper temperature? It's been mentioned there might be some kind of airlock because it doesn't appear to have good circulation in the tank, but I had cleaned and rinsed the tank out with water.

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Not sure why but it seems to be heating fine now. I guess it just needed a break to get back in the groove.

Unfortunately the problem now is that on the emulsion side of the negatives I'm getting a uniform line pattern that runs vertically across the negatives and can be seen in prints. It doesn't come off like any kind of gunk build up. Could it be something on the rollers though?

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I dismantled the N4 rack and scrubbed it down. I noticed the solution was brown and had stained and built up on the walls of the tank. Took the filter out, disconnected the lines and cleaned everything, then flushed. I must have collected a pound of sediment. The line from the filter side was just plugged up, and so was the drain valve. Running water through it now to try and clean as much gunk out as I can before I refill the solution.

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