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Rollers in Frontier 370


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In a previous thread I had an issue with a rack jumping, it was suggested that I replace the rollers because they may be swollen. It appears to have solved the problem. Though I think I'm going to need to replace the rollers in all the PS4 racks.

I have a general questions about rollers. Should all of the rollers feel solid? I noticed a clear difference in the swollen roller (they felt slightly squishy) vs the new rollers (which were rock solid). Specifically should crossover rollers be rock solid, or should I be able to feel some give when I squeeze them?

I have extremely hard water here which I think is doing a number on this machine. It's been about three years since we got the machine, which according to our supplier, had all new rollers.

Could the rollers wear out that fast.

Thanks again for any help, this forum is amazing, especially for someone like me who has a desire to learn as much as possible about the lab.

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Crossover rollers are usually a little squishy.  They feel harder when new, but will soften up a little bit after a couple days of use.  For crossover rollers the sign they are bad is if the very ends of the rollers are swelled out and squishy.  You can see a definate taper outwards right at the last cm or so of the roller.  You can take the tension springs off of the ends of the crossover and inspect the rollers with a light, and if you can see if shining through a pair then they are swelling and could cause problems.  Unlike the rack rollers the big issue here isn't how hard it is to turn them but whether they are gripping the paper and pulling it through. Crossover roller last for years. You should be using purified water for your PS, not tap water.  If you are using Fuji's water de-ionizer or some other purification system it will remove the contaminants in the water.

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listen my englich is very bad but i can explain it in french ....j ai remplace les chaussettes en crompot par des morceau de touiyou qui ce vend dans les quicailleries i think you had understand me good chance...


Can you tell me sizes that you used and the name of the producer?

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