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color managing a frontier


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Hello, I am new in the business and I have got a Frontier 340 and I am really interested in getting the best results possible that the machine can give. Unfortunately, the technicians in my country aren´t really help full in this as they are "volume" oriented.

Could any one help me in which is the best way to calibrate the frontier and Di Controller? I have used the menus options in the frontier and printed hundreds of copies trying to get the best results that my eyes can consider but this is a personal opinion (this is the way I waas bought by the technicians). Is their a more professional or accurate way? Is their a way to use color profiles?

And in the other hand there is the issue of printing from digital files that normally come out quite different from what I see in my calibrated screen. This is always an issue with more picky clients, but I am a picky client my self so for sure I also want to have the most precise result as well! Maybe I can generate a profile for my machine and people could download it to test the output in their computers... is this possible?

Hope that some one could help me with this as it is something really relevant in my approach to the business.

Thanks in advance!

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The Fuji lab system isn't really color manageable, but it is possable with some knowledge.  To calibrate the DI controller monitor you need any one of the callibrators and software systems available.  Install it, callibrate your screen the make adjustments in the DI software to further adjust the screen to match your prints.  If you want to work in a completely color managed workflow you need to create a profile for your printer with suitable software and a colorimeter like the X-Rite I1 Pro.  Once profile is created you need to open the files in photoshop, convert them to your printer profile and save them as bitmap files, then print them through the DI software without any auto correcting or color and density adjustments.  Sounds more complicated than it is.  I suggest reading the information at :http://www.drycreekphoto.com/Learn/color_management.htm to learn more about color management.

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Thanks for the help ghn5ue! I will try this as I do have a similar colorimeter as you mentioned.

Also, do you have any recommendation for the "analogue" calibration? How important is the Screen here because mine is quite old.

Thanks again for the answers!

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