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Frontier 370 Rack Jumping


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The number 6 rack, PS4, on my Frontier 370 keeps jumping. In thought it might be the guides as I noticed both of the larger guides were damaged where they lock into the rack, I replaced them but am still having the problem. Though the jumping changes in intensity, without a cross over attached, you can see it lift up every now then which causing paper jams when I run with distribution on.  

All of the springs are intact.

Could it be an issue with the gear under the bracket?

I don't know how to proceede to diagnose the problem aside from replacing each part with one from another rack until I replicate the problem, but that doesn't seem realistic.

I hope someone here can't point me in the right direction.


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This can be caused by the inner rollers swelling up. This is most common in the PS4 rack due to the high level of chlorine from the FSC tablets.  Pull the rack out and try turning it from the drive gear to see how stiff it is. Then try removing the big white drive gears that run down the middle of the side opposite the drive gear.  Take them off one at a time from the bottom and see how much easier it is to turn the drive gear.  This should help you figure it out.

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I removed the first gear at the bottom and noticed a drastic difference in the ease of movement.  It seems to me that the two thinner rollers at the bottom are the culprit. They do feel slightly squishy, which I've been told in the past was a sign of a swollen roller.

Does that sound correct?

Thanks again!

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I installed new rollers on e today. Though it doesn't appear to be jumping as badly as before, it still jumps a little. Is it possible the two large rollers are swollen? I felt them and they don't seem squishy at all, they fell really solid.  

Could it be a bad gear? I wAs thinking it's the gear that's under e bracket on the drive side.

Any thoughts?

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