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Frontier 340 condition set up colour shift

Image Factor

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I have a problem whereby I do a paper condition setup & once OK I send prints through then notice the prints are running either yellowish or magenta blue,Immediately Stop printing & do another setup you can see that it has shifted either to the blue or yellow side depending what the prints looked like before the setup on different occasions different shifts in colour,This occurs quiet often & sometimes you can send about 2to300 prints

without shifting at all & sometimes the prints will start coming out fine & thereafter you will see a shift in colour.

Everytime I change paper sizes I have to do a setup,The paper condition set up is never constant keeps on shifting.

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Hello Image Factor,

Sometimes when these AOM Drivers fail it shows up as an intermittent or inconsistent amplification of the data signal. It is actually quite common for these to fail in this way. If you are comfortable with removing the top cover of your Frontier you can change the data cables on the AOM Driver. Interchange the inputs of the blue and green and also interchange the outputs of the blue and green. If it is an AOM Driver problem the color changing will now be between green and magenta. If the problem remains in the blue and yellow colors then it is a laser issue. Try performing the optimal temperature setup for the blue laser.

If you need the AOM Driver or the Laser Unit repaired, look in the classified section of this website to find a company call National Laser Co. They are quick and reliable.

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Hi all,

I am Mohamad, I am looking to buy AOM drive Frontier 340, so I am confused where to buy and how much the price so please can you help to find reasonable price and I want to ask if there is another companies offering the same quality but cheaper price.

thank you in advance.

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