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Weird Lines and Ghosts on prints - Frontier 350


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Hi, I have these lines on prints of a Frontier 350, just like the pictures were corrupted.

The problem is that the images are from digital not film. I haven't tried yet from film.

The lines are perpendicular to transport direction. Also some pictures are OK and others are totally wrong.

I posted three images, the two of them that look better are rare. In general the lines cover the entire picure or aren't at all.

Can you tell what is it about? Is it the AOM, the laser, something mecanical or communication, rendering?

maybe something heating up?

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I reinstalled Ghosted image on the rendering computer and have the same problem, also I noticed that from film everything is OK.

Maybe there is a circuti board malfunction in the scanner boards.

Can I print without having the scanner connected to printer? What software or hardware di I need?

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