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Dry Minilab ?


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  I am working with a Frontier 500 at the moment , but the workflow is decreasing each year . I live in a small  city that mainly lives of tourism so I have over  500 photos  a day only during the summer (two months ), the other part of the year only under 100 photos made a day.

I am writing this to hear some advice from all of you , is it better to go to dry lab like Frontier DL 430 ,

I so that the prices for the paper and cartridges has dropped a lot.

Thanks to all.


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I believe that the minilab clients are less and less. many minilabs are closing, so I would not buy a wet lab anymore.

The investment, the room it takes... A wet lab is also harder to care for. The softwares are old and hard to configure..

Dry lab is the future. And ink printers are now unbelievable good.

I sell now wide ecosolvent printers, 1.5 to 3.2 meters and am amazed that they can print almost photo quality. very slow, of course, nobody uses them at full quality.

And the costs are less than half a dollar/square meter, compared to how much a poster would cost in a minilab.

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You're doing under 100 prints a day, five days a week?  With that sort of volume, is even a drylab worth it?  You need to get your volume up regardless first, not switchign equipment.

I completely disagree with everything manager is saying.  You can buy used wet-labs very affordably, and the cost per print is cheaper.  Then again, 500 prints per week, 4x6", am I reading you right?

What's the size of your Dev. and Blix tanks, and what type of solution are you using?

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