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MS v3.1 photo sorting


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I have problem with 3.1 software because when I have orderrs with more about 100 images its sorting by 60 images, not by 50 like FE Software. Can i solve this problem in any way. Also, orders are not coming out chronological, for example if i submit order with 70 images than order with 10 images, first those 10 images will come out of machine. This is also a big issue. Anyone had this problem ?

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Same problem here. We are running a MS01 with a Frontier 550 and sometimes photos are printed in  "random". We are using MS13 to submit the orders.


Say i submit an order with 100 files, the first five files will be printed then the last 10 ones and so on..


We think the problem comes from the MS13 but even after a lot of investigation we cannot understand and solve it...


As our customers want us to print their photos in the order they submitted it (eg. sorted by name), we need to find a solution.



Any help ?



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