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Installationprocedure F-DIA 5.5 on Windows XP


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i need help for installing F-DIA (C4/C5 + C8) on a Frontendmachine with XP SP3. Our F-DIA is 5.5-0E-953K. Is this Version able to run under XP? In some Threads many People argue that only C4/C5 5.5-OE-976 will work. I know the "Standard-Rules":

1. Local Admin as FRONTIER (PW: FRONTIER)

2. Machine Name FRONTEND

3. Reboot

4. Install MSDE7

5. Reboot

6. Install F-DIA (CD: \FDIAInst)

7. Install C4/C5 (CD: \EZ171)

8. Apply Patches (Installer & Merlin BAT-Scripts)

9. Exchange the sqlserver.dll in \system32 (I use the one of W2K)

10. Install C8 (Spool also on D:\)

11. Reboot

But it dosn´t work. I´vo got many Errors like FDIAClient45.dll not found on Startup. I´ve tried a lot, but nothing helped. I have a Snapshot from my Clean-Setup (XP SP3 with Updates and Partition D), so its easy to try everything.....

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for Help and my bad english!

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can you search for that .dll file on working machine and copy it over?

when I done a fresh install of the DI , I had to start with version 4.5 , frist setup usernames etc, then restart and install msde, then restart and install the fdi.

after that I ha to update to version 5.5+ and sp6

it seemed to work ok once I got the steps around the right way lol.

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then restart and install the fdi

What is fdi? On my Setup-CD i had a "EZ171" an "FDIAInst" Folder. Which first?

And the FDIAClient45.dll is on the Setup-CD (\FDi v.5.5-0E-953K\APPENDIX\FrontierFDIAup\FdiaClient\Fujifilm\Frontier\Dll). When i copy these files to /System32 FDIChanger starts on Startup. But nothing else starts.....

There must be an little trick for clean installation. Why i have to copy these files? I never read something about that........

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Hola a todos.

Yo tenia problemas de incompatibilidad al instalar el C4C5 en XP, hasta que cambie la forma de instalacion.

Esta es la instalacion que me funciono a la perfeccion hasta ahora:

Instalas C4C5 en Windows 2000 con los service pack mas recientes del C4C5, despues Instalas Windows XP como ACTUALIZACION, (te va a marcar una incompatibilidad con el NetBeui, pero no importa porque lo puedes reinstalar al final desde el disco de ionstalacion de XP).

cuando finalice la instalacion y arranque el programa de C4C5 va a iniciar de forma muy lenta y con errores en el Comsrv1 y Comserv2.

Cerrar C4C5  y reemplazar el archivo sqlser.dll con el del parche para C4C5 en XP ademas de cambiar la compatibilidad de los archivos Comserv1 y Comserv2 a Windows 98 y reinstalar el NetBeui desde el cd de instalacion de Win XP.

Reinicias el equipo y ya esta, todo funciona sin ningun problema.

Si no tienes el Patchfile C4C5 on XP, puedes cargar el SP4 del SQL Server y funciona igual que el Patchfile.

Espero les sea de utilidad.

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