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Frontier 330 Multi-DI / XP and Kiosks SW Needed


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Hi there,

we have been running a Lab for several years but through Windows 2k which as many may have found has problems regarding registry size , Fixed SCSI Plextor CD Burners and Obsolete OS. :o

on top of that our DPC Machines bought through Auction seem to have not come with the software although they have Bluetooth and other peripherals installed along with a dongle are pretty much rendered useless until we can find software for them.

so I guess what Iam asking for is the following software in order to keep our little lab operating for a few more years hopefully.

DI software that can run on XP

some way of using it on Multiple Machines simultaneously as we would like to have 2 machines talking to the Frontier at once, in case one breaks down.

some way of using a non-SCSI cd burner.

and hopefully some kiosk software compatible with our kiosks.

if you can help with any/all of the above we would be very grateful.

please note: unfortunately we do-not have much money and because of alot  of these large stores implementing photolabs in at less then cost price we already find it hard to compete and pay overheads.

thank you for your time and any help would be appreciated.

please pm me if you can help as I do-not want to be posting my email address publicly.

Thank you.

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