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Frontier 370. Changing AOM !!!


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Hi, apologies for my english, my laser unit is death

I opened the bigger of three covers (the one with three holes for coaxial cables from AOMs drivers)

I found dust there (remember the three holes), and i try to found who of 3 AOMs is dead, (i get a error E-2529 star of scanning). My plan is swap R-AOM with G-AOM. I discover two plates with 2 screws in each AOM, the lower for calibration the upper to atach.

Can swap AOM releasing the upper screws of each one ?



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I guess you misunderstood the meaning of the parts...

All you should have done was to swap AOM drivers but not the A.O.M. crystal units....

Please do not touch them - they are precisely adjusted with a special equipment and it will be quite difficult to return them back to their original place...

Place back the laser unit top cover (pay attention to dust!) and swap A.O.M drivers as I described here:


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