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So far we have install two of them. You get great vivid colors with excellent quality. Its easy to maintenance if you compare it with a wet minilab. Low cost in terms of power costs, no water, no chemicals, if you want to compare it again with a wet minilab. But still you get more expensive paper and ink.  I think at the end the total costs can be compare with a wet minilab. But this is my opinion :)

So far we have no problems, no bad feedback and it seems to be a pretty good machine.

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I´m wondering if Fuji constructed/designed/formulated all parts of these machine(s) itself, such as the print heads, the ink, the paper, the hardware or if they purchased the parts from suppliers.

Unfornately I couldn´t get a hand on this machine, so maybe someone has any idea or heard some rumours?  :)

Thanks in advance!

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I'am pretty happy with the drys!

I'm trying to make the copy costs cheaper.

I went for it cause I have 6 stores, here in Sao PAulo,  Brazil and to run 6 Frontier 570, is going to take a lot of money with space, ar conditioning, professional workers and maintence.

The Drys are easy to use, and you can put them in the middle of the store. It's a different thing for consumer, you can delivery the photos shortly and the quality is sublime!

For all that, in my case, I can charge a little more for the copy. But like I've putted on other post, I'm trying to find some way of fillup the ink cartrighe to make the cost low.

It's an Epson machine, so I think some time, some body is going to make it happen for the happiness of everybody

In my case it works!

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