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Ink for DL410 and DL600!


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Hello everybody,

I'm from Brazil and I have one Frontier 570, one DL410 and two DL600.

Here in Brazil the cost of paper and quemical are too much expensive, so we have to take some other ways to make the costs low.

For the Frontier 570 we use a diferent quemical for about half of the Fuji's price.

Now I have the Dry's and I don't want to pay aprox $250 on a Ink cartridge. It's too much!

So if anybody has the solution for it, I'll be very happy to Know.


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I think you will find it's Fuji or nothing Leandro, sorry.

Did you not check this out when you bought the machine?

You need to see it from the manufacturers point of view. They do not make all te capital investement into research, development, marketing , advertising support etc, to have some one not buy their consumables. It is the way it is done now, bad as it might sound.

However, let's see what the other guys say.

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I´m wondering if Fuji constructed/designed/formulated all parts of these machine(s) itself, such as the print heads, the ink, the paper, the hardware or if they purchased the parts from suppliers.

Unfornately I couldn´t get a hand on this machine, so maybe someone has any idea or heard some rumours?  :)

Thanks in advance!

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Does any body Knows if the Epson Ink cartridge works on the Dry?

the DL410 uses the same Ink cartridge of the Epson Plotter 10.000

the DL600 uses the same Ink cartridge of the Epson Plotter 9.900

I'm going to get one to make a test, If it works I think I can make the print cost drop a little!

I'm already using the ink dispenser of the Epson and the reseter!

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