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xp in frontier 350


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I have Frontier 350, i want run computer - OS XP sp3.
Frontier 350 + SP2000 (computer - toshiba Windows NT) + Compiuter (now Windows 2000 sp4) --> (lan cable connect to SP2000 - no hub, no modem or something like that) Can install Windows XP sp3 to computer ?
I have C4 C5 5.5 976 CD.


I install Windows XP Sp3

Computer name: frontend



Install C4/C5

Connect LAN cable -- Config LAN IP: (LAN)

Inspool and Outspool --> Share this folder on the network / Allow network users to change my file

Sp2000 system connected, but no print. If i print photo --> i have ERROR --> W1461 Reading digital image file failed.


What i do --> bad ?

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