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LOOKING for a JOB in western Europe


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Hi, friends! I worked for 11 years with Fuji Minilabs from Fuji Compact II to SFA 248, Fuji Frontier 340 and 350.

    I am a good technician on installations, mechanical problems, software, chemestry and almost everithing involving minilabs.

    I work now in an Advertising Equipment Company testing, installing and servicing what we sell(tampographs, laminators, wide-format printers, cutter-plotters, heat presses, CNC Routers, screen printers, etc).

I am from Romania, 31 years old, and want to live and work in a West European Country.

I am also a Professional Photographer if needed, being even born in a photographers family.


Driver license - B

Romania, Bucharest



Website design using HTML, Joomla, Vbulletin; Drupal, Wordpress

Windows, networks, data security, maintenance

Photoshop, Corel, Lightroom, Pinnacle Studio, Avid Liquid


very advanced: English (writing and speaking);

attended classes: French, German, Italian, Korean


non smoker, ordered, active, pleasant, elegant, educated, cultivated, playful and creative, tolerant and popular, honest, punctual, thirsty for knowledge and training, high assimilation capacity


Desire to demonstrate adaptability, integration and to overcome what already exists in an environment that will eventually lead to employer’s addiction to me and my professional evolution

P.S. for Admins: I have tried classifieds section:


but there is no ad in there, so please dont't delete my ad, it will anyway be forgotten in a day or two.

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