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370 Mods?


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Hi All,

I didn't turn anything up using the search feature... so here I am asking....

I've got a Frontier 370 (bought brand new about 6 years ago or so...)

I've "catheterized" it so the waste automagically drains to the recovery system.

I'm looking to hook it up to a water source so we don't have to keep filling it with water 4L at a time....

anyone out there modified a 370 to fill itself with water as needed?

(bonus points for photos of the result)

thank you!

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That sounds like a fun project. Never seen or heard of it done. In theory you could add a sensor inline with the upper float switch that would trigger a relay/pump that would output 4-5L of water. You'd still get the message but it would be auto resolved.

Good luck with this. Curious to hear if you get someting to work.

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I saw something similar some time ago... they used the water filtration deposit from fuji.. the one that you put water on top, with a resin filter and get the filtered water from the bottom.. the height of that is almost similar as the entrance of the water (psr) of the frontier..

What they did.. is put some piping from the water line.. put a floating valve as a toilet... and connect that tank with the frontier water input hose... so.. it always stays at the same level..

when the frontier uses water.. the valve opens and fills... that's it.. pretty easy. :)... never did it.. cause i don't have water lines anything near the machine..

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