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sp2000/lp1500 remote start problem


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good morning,

we are having a problem with one of our systems not turning on correctly.  what happens is you press the green button on the scanning table (sp2000) and the table will start up like normal.  once it gets to "printer initialization" it will give a 2110 error and then a 1495 error; the printer does not remote start at all.  if you turn on the printer manually (just turn on the start switch on the printer) and press [retry] on the communication error screen (from the sp2000 monitor) then it will connect and print normally.

the machine will turn off properly also during post-op checks.  the printer receives the signal to power off from the sp2000 and shuts off normally.

we have verified that there is a 12v signal coming from the scan table to the printer, which goes to the FMA20 board.  the FMA20 board has been replaced, and also CTL20, FMC20, PAC20.  We have also replaced the GLO board on the scanner side.

any ideas?  our next idea was to try a dc power supply on the printer side.   :-/

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