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Fuji 370 error (E-2509)


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hi everybody,

2 days ago my Fuji 370 appeared the E-2509:

" Abnormal R laser (R-LD) information.

Call technical representative."

While this error occured, the machines still warming up the temperature and it didn't stop even thought it got the setting temperature.

Then i reset it and it working well at that time but yesterday till now, the error ( E-2509) appears again. I tried to reset the machines many times but it doesn't work.

So what should i do now? DO i really need to change the laser? Please give me any suggestion. Thanks a lot!

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sorry to upset you but you need to repair the red laser head of your laser unit...

Moreover you need to send to a  laser refurbishing company the whole unit not just a defective laser head.

Usually we repair blue and green laser heads without the unit and clients save a lot of money on express post freight charges back and forth.

But in your case we need to get the whole unit ( if you decide to work with us)  :).

Drop me a message and I will send you all details.

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lucky to me, when i opened the cover, i found out that one of the electricity line of motor where it connect to the parameter has disposed, then i soldered it and use the electricity tape to make it stable and suprisely it working. yesterday i turn on and off many times but it s till working.

The, I checked the manuals again, they says that one of the reason could be the parameter data is not correct so i think 99% the broken line is the reason ( the broken line is on the motor that use to connect to the parameter to measure the paper, i'll show the picture for ur guys later).

Saving unnecessary money is great :))

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