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Frontier 7700 paper jam problem


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I am having serious paper jam problems on our Frontier 7700 paper processor.

This started after I changed the paper from Fuji to Kodak Edge.

It only happens on the near lane (as you stand in front of the processor).

The other lane is fine.

I have checked every single rack and also the turnover racks and all is in pristine condition.

The paper sensors in dryer section are all OK.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Please also inform is this because of Kodak Edge paper which is thinner than Fuji CA paper?

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You don't say where it jams but say its the front track????

If its in the racks and side related check all the racks for springs off or baggy bottom turn rubbers

If its jamming in the printer, check the arm units as they are prone to broken wires in the loom of the arm units, but only after a million prints or so.

If it says it has jammed but all the prints come out then it could be arcnet comms

Not a lot between CA and Edge, thickness wise. Royle is thicker.

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Hi Magenta

Thanks for the reply.

The prints all come out every time  but every two or three prints later two prints come out one on top of the other as if the first print of the two did not move at regular speed and was caught up by the one following. The distance of over-lapping is also not constant. Sometimes a hundred prints will come out and no problems. I suppose the reason why alarm goes off (5535 Paper jam in processor) is because the print sensor on front side in dryer rack does not detect paper in the given time.

No baggy rollers or loose springs either. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the bushings on the front side of turn racks because the drive gear side track  is working fine. .

Do you think this is possible?

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As long as you are not missing springs and the turn rubbers are good then yes have a look at the x over rollers and bushes.

The first cog to check is the small grey/silver one at the top of the rack, this meshes with the double cog on the x over. Check the centres for wear, they are only small cogs so don't have a lot of mesh so a print will stop until another runs up behind it and gives it a push. Then check the bushes in the end of the x overs that support the shafts, again springs on all, The fixed one should have very little movement, but these can be deceiving as any gap is filled with deposits. feed a load of 82mm sheets as they will only be in contact with one roller at a time and lift the racks to find the area that is causing the problem

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Thanks for the rapid response!

What do you mean by " feed a load of 82mm sheets as they will only be in contact with one roller at a time and lift the racks to find the area that is causing the problem". Are you referring to cross over rack rollers?  Do you mean that I should print in 82mm length? We normally use 102mm for standard postcard size with paper width being 152mm.

Awaiting your clarification.

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102 x 152 will always be in contact with 2 or more rollers, the problem you describe will be worse with 6 inch paper with a 4 inch feed. You may well only have a few prints overlapping at the moment but the shortest feed will show you any weak point of the processor.

feed 30 or 40 prints then lift the lid, yes it will alarm. Then lift the x over and the rack and look for the area that they start to overlap.

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Hello Magenta

I tried what you said but could not visually detect any overlapping.

As soon as I go into production it restarts overlapping.....

In the meantime I changed paper to Lucky Digital and you know what, no more paper jams!

I can feel that the Lucky paper base is way hicker, almost like lustre or matt in digital bases of Kodak and Fuji.

So, I think Kodak Edge is to be avoided at all costs on Frontier 7700.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback and have a nice New Year 2012!

God bless you.

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