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Buying standalone SP3000 - what to think about?


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Dear Forum,

I'm looking into buying a standalone sp3000 refurbished, and would like to ask if anyone here has any tips / tricks or other things to think about. I've gotten a demo on the unit + the stand alone client software, and I'm all set but wondering if there's any hidden catch etc?

In short, a standalone unit with the pic pro, and the client software for handling files. I will be scanning 135 + 120 in various formats and will only be exporting BMP's / uncompressed files.

I've been given a price of 6900 EUR for the total package. Is that fair / OK?

For example, is it possible to run the client software on a virtual machine (ie wmware windows 2000 on an osx?)

All the best,


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Hello Erik. It is hard to say about price. This scanner is sold with very old ( 355 ) and very new ( even Fuji 7xxx ) minilabs. So price can be various. Your price is too low if it scanner from new minilabs and it is too high, if it is very old, because it is possible to buy Fuji Frontier 355, 370 or similar minilab with SP-3000 and then price 7000 - 8000 Euro.

About 120 film : yes you can scan only 135 and 240 films with standard carrier ( Auto Film Carrier NC100AY ) . You can scan all films : 110, IX240, 135F, 135P, 135H, 135FP,

120/220 (6 × 4.5, 6 × 6, 6 × 7, 6 × 8, 6 × 9) only if you have manual carrier ( Multi-film Carrier MFC10AY ) . Ask seller, because many do not have this carrier and you will have to buy it separately.

If you want to work with stand alone scanner ( without minilab ) you even can install Windows XP if you will work with MS-01 workstation and virtual FMPC .

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