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solution remains in tank


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Hello All!

I have a problem with my Frontier 340. It gives me this error "solution remains in tank" this hapens after he empties the catridges, after this error, he will let me print about 100-200 photos and the will say "number of prints excedes limit". In order to fix this i'm forced to poor water in the P1 tank (where the cartridge goes), because in the "Procesor Input Check" is showing "level low" for P1R.

I changed the pump for the PSR because it was leaking an i thougt that was the problem.

But it still gives me that error.

Any sugestions?


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I would check over the rubber hoses to make sure none of them are getting kinked anywhere. The water supply hose can get kinked when you push in the tray with the filters, bellows and pumps.

Sounds like it isn't getting water pumped into the tanks.

It could also be a clogged hose somewhere or a solenoid valve in the block that is faulty. Kinks are most common.

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Can't this also be caused by uneven levels in the mixed replenisher tanks?  This happens because the pump outputs are not set correctly, and the machine is actually replenishing a different amount than it thinks.  Next time the message occurs, drain the remaining replenisher (taps down below the cartridge).  Then put in the new cartridge and mix. Once done you need to go into processor setup and run the pump output check.  Measure the output in a graduate and enter the values and you should be set.

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drain out all the old chemical from Rep tank and make sure all the sensors are shows ON at lower side ( no need to drain  PSR). Mix fresh chemical. before mixing  check  out the presents of any fungal formation inside the P2RA Rep tank. some times fungal formation given a wrong level sensing information and make similar problem.


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I have had a similar issue myself. I agree with rose as well. Drain all replenisher  ( NOT WORKING TANK) set a new cube and mix new replinisher. You have already confirmed that your pump outs are correct so now you need to varify that your rep rates are correct. They are set at such a low rate anyway that when they arent set properly one may run out before the other. Also don't make the machine wait if it ask for water PSR while mixing.

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