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templates help - MS01


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Hello -

i am new to the forum, my name is Paul. I thank anyone with information in advance for your help.

recently we brought our Forntier online. Our family friend helped with the install and configuration. While configuring the MS01 software some templates were deleted by our tech. He thought we wouldnt need them but we are now unable to print any 11x14s and i have a strong feeling this has to do with a missing template.

My question is this - is there a way to restore all templates from MS01 without completeing a re-ghost of PIC and LP? I am unsure of where they would reside within windows and i do not want to ghost my two systems in the vain hope of restoring these missing templates.

any help is greatly appreciated and i look forward to helping anyone else moving forward.

best regards

Paul Troia

Now and Forever Studios - Los Gatos CA

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