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Epson Stylus Pro 9800


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Even when number of Prints is set to One, we keep getting print after print till we switch off the printer. How do I solve please?

Also when I switch on the Printer, I keep getting 'service call error' message. Please help as I have tried everything in the troubleshooting manual.

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When you say "print after print", is that multiple prints of the same exact print job ?

Is your print queue empty when you perform your first print ?

Possibly the printer driver got messed up, or something wrong with the printer.  

Try deleting all print jobs in your print queue for the 9800, then un-installing and re-installing the printer drivers.

Have you checked the Epson support forums ?

Don't know what else to suggest.

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please try to install this printer on another PC and see does it make any difference.?

regarding service call numbers need more ref. because it must show some numbers which is important ( related with error).  service call indicate that something inside the printer has getting damage. also there is  some parts inside the printer need to replace periodically. that also will come as service call error.


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See the list of available servcie call Error codes.

Epson 9800 Error Codes

0002 - Carriage Motor / Ink Tube is near end of life (Clear Carriage Motor Counter)

0004 - Nozzle check error

0008 - RTC error (Real Time Clock) (Check the Battery and reset the Date and Time)

0020 - Print Head life counter (Reset the Head counter)

0040 - Cleaning Unit near end of life (Reset When Cleaning Unit Change)(Pump Assy, Pump Motor, Cap Assy, Wiper Blade, Flushing Box).

0080 - Date is not set (Set the date and time (RTC))

0100 - RTC Battery low (Replace the battery, and reset the RTC)

0400 - Pressure Pump Assembly near end of life (Reset When Pump Unit Change) Inspect and replace if necessary.

00000088 - RTC (Real Time Clock) data is corrupted

00000101 - Carriage Motor life (Reset When CR Unit Change), check for leaky ink tubes)

00000103 - RTC (Real Time Clock) battery is defective

00000105 - Print Head end of life (Inspect print head and reset head counter)

00010000 - Paper Feed Motor encoder check error (Check Sensor and Timing Disk)

00010001 - Paper Feed Motor out of step

00010002 - Paper Feed Motor overcurrent (Check for mechanical binding of the feed rollers / motor)

00010003 - Paper Feed Motor in-position time-out

00010004 - Carriage Motor encoder check error (Check sensor and Timing Disk)

00010005 - Carriage Motor out of step

00010006 - Carriage Motor overcurrent (Check for mechanical binding, If not replace motor)

00010007 - Carriage Motor in-position time-out

00010008 - Servo interrupt watchdog time-out

00010009 - System interrupt watchdog time-out

0001000A - Carriage home position error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)

0001000C - Platen Gap home position error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)

0001000F - Carriage Motor PWM output faulty

00010010 - Paper Feed Motor PWM output faulty

00010014 - Ink System Pressurization Error (The Pressure Sensor does not indicate pressure)

0001001B - Head driver (TG) temperature error

0001001D - Carriage servo parameter error

0001001E - Paper feed servo parameter error

00010020 - CSIC read / write error

00010023 - RTC (Real TIme Clock) (Reset RTC)

00010025 - CSIC ROM communication error

00010026 - RTC (Real TIme Clock) communication error

00010027 - Pressure Pump Micro Leak Error (only displayed when testing in Service Mode)

00010028 - Head error

00010029 - Unidentified NMI

0001002A - Carriage ASIC ECU error

0001002B - Paper feed ASIC ECU error

0001002D - Cleaning Unit end of life (Reset When Cleaning Unit Change)(Pump Assy, Pump Motor, Cap Assy, Wiper Blade, Flushing Box).

0001002F - 360 DPI writing time out error

00010035 - Pump Home Position Error (Check Sensor and mechanical components)

00010036 - Type B Interface board installation error (Type-B Card is Level 2 or below)

00010037 - Print Head thermistor error (Print Head, Head Cable)

00010038 - Head Driver thermistor Error (Replace Main Board)

0001003B - Carriage Lock / Cutter Error

0001003C - Carriage Lock / Cutter Error

0001003D - Carriage Lock / Cutter Error

0001003E - Pressure Sensor Error (Sensor detects pressure before the pressure is generated)

0001003F - Pressure Pump Assembly end of life (Reset When Pump Unit Change) Inspect and replace if necessary.

00010040 - Printing Position Error (Caused by CR Encoder or Timing Strip)

00020000 - NVRAM error

00020002 - SDRAM error

00020003 - BOOT program SUM error

00020009 - Flash memory SUM error

0002000A - Program load error

0002000B - Internal memory shortage error

0002000C - Review error

100000E0 - CPU address error (load misalignment)

10000100 - CPU address error (storage misalignment)

10000180 - CPU reserve command code exception error

100001A0 - CPU slot illegal command exception error

100001C0 - AC disruption (AC Power) (Unplug and wait 30 sec., then plug back in) Bad Power)

100005C0 - CPU DMA address error

0003xxxxx - CPU error

0Dxxxxxxx - CPU error


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