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Fuji Frontier chemical catridge conversion.

magic tech

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i don't have any manual. in fact i did this conversion almost 7 years back and not remember as well. i can give some rough idea. may be it will help you. dont take it as it is.

in frontier machine control panel need to change process settings  to CP47L. ( 5 times press menu and Enter- then sub menu-Process settings.) not exactly. but something like that.

take out the pump  inputs  ( from the filter units at bottom) . you need a T type connector to make P2Ra And P2Rb together. because Cp47L is a single part Bleach. the main issues will be level sensing system. because if you going to use external rep tanks, you need a level sensors which has to connect control pcb.

same way take out Stabilizer  (PSR) pipe also.



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