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Fuji Frontier 7100 Paper Waste


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My photolab currently uses Fuji Fontier 7100's with two paper cartridges using any combination of 5,7 & 8 inch paper. All orders are created by our website and are automatically sent to the mini-lab in the order that the purchases were made. A lot of the time they can include a combination of different sized prints.

When the frontier switches to using the 8 inch paper after using either of the other sizes, it wastes approx 8-9 inches of unexposed paper. This wastage can happen upto 25 or more times a day.

Does anyone know how to reduce the amount of unexposed paper used when switching between paper widths?

5 & 7 inch paper widths only seem to waste around 2 inches when switching paper widths.  

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I don't know the Fuji software but on the Noritsu version of the machine this is a setting in operator selections, print operation Tab called paper leading edge advance, set this from 'advance' to 'display attention message'.

If you have just loaded a new roll of paper say yes when it asks you to feed the leading edge of the paper. All other times you can say no, to the feed the leading edge message.

This will stop it advancing paper when it does not need to.

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If the paper magazine is already inside the machine it will just print without asking you, it's only when the magazine is actually physically put it will it ask you about feeding the leading paper.

The machine only has a maximum of 2 magazine units so surly somebody must have to be there to change the paper to a different size when required, and when the paper runs out?

If you don't want any alerts related to feeding the paper, it will have to stay as it is and you continue to waste paper.

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