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Need help with Fuji 370!


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Hello, I am new here so I am sorry if this is talked about constantly. I have a fuji 370 and there are lots of little things wrong with it. I am looking to pay someone to come here and look it over and teach me the best way to care for it in the future. I live in North Carolina. Anyone on here able to help me out, or know someone that I could give a call. I am just looking for an option cheaper than calling a Fuji tech.

thank you

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I can help you; but sorry for my english.

You should remove al door´s magnetic sensors from printer and processor, and attach it to the each magnetic detector's (Every door has a sensor that indicates to software when is a door open or closed). So, "cheating" to the machine, it will belive that all doors are closed,  now you can "print" and watch into printer and proccessor where does the paper folds. It's very important you watch what condition paper comes out from every section, and if gets in folded to processor. If is this needed, quit crossover one from one, from front to back, send two or three pics and take the paper on DEV, BL FX, STB.

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