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black turned to dark green in fuji370


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hi all

im new to this great forum

when printing in 370 the black color appears as dark green when  even in upkeep print , its not a case of chemicals becouse when applying light to paper it gives black color

every thing else is doing good

i changed the AOMs but nothing deffers

when strength developer mor than normal it gives black color but it effects the white color

i cleaned th laser (mirrors, polygon mirror, lens) , changed currents....also nothing

thanks for giving help

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thanx again for reply

how can i repair it and how can i send it to you

im living in iraq

and what will this cost

an oter quastion:   i have bought an other f370 the histry of laser unit was as bellow:

R- more than    7000  HOUR

G- more than    1100 HOUR

B- more than    11000HOUR    

i was surprised when i saw it because as i know the lasers life is 5000 hour

and if i repaired it what the laser histry will be?

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thank you a lot for interesting

i was forced to open and clean for more than 10 times (whenever i had sos failure)

but all i do allways is cleaning lens and mirrors by smoth coton then it works good

here in iraq the weather is dusty all the seasons , im cleaning filters 4 times a day

but im wondering if repairing laser will give it a new life and new history of working hours?

please tell me about costs too

my e-mail is     soofezzzz@yahoo.com

sorry for poor spelling

best regards

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