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SOS Detection Failed


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Dear Sir

I got a Fuji Frontier 370

I got the error massage '' Sos Detection fail ''

I call to engeener and he told laser gone

I sent that laser to repair that person told laser is working

And after that we check your website and check all solution.

I try all the way like swap the laser cables from R to G & G to R

Still same problem.

So could you please help me.

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Dear Eugene

Thank you for helping us

I have checked and I put the level values to 4095 for each and everyone by each time

But still laser beam are on same position its touching on the bracket which is between mirror and laser

and R G B all beam are like same position

so could you please help us

Can I remove the bracket or move laser section to the mirror ?

Awaiting for your Reply

Thanks again for your Help

With Warm regards



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If you performed all my instructions well and action by inputing value (4095) into DI constant level field does not help to conduct of the beam- this is AOM driver problem.

Swap them and find the defective one.

How to do it is described by me at my web site:


Report the progress please.

All of us have a piece of interest to find out the cause of YOUR SOS message.

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As I told you I have described at my web site how t swap AOM drivers and determine the defective one. It is really easy...

Visit the page that I gave you(see above)  and you will see all there.

We can supply you with the brand new AOM driver or ask you can ask your local Fuji representative in London.

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Thanks for Reply

But as a told you

all the laser going wrong way no any one going on the mirror

So how can i check

Is there only one AOM gone ? or all of them ? How can we find ?

And after that which driver that i can replace or buy ?

What is the cast for that ?

Awaiting for reply

Thank you


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I will explain:

Let us suppose that all 3 AOM drivers are in working condition...

If you input 4095 (64 bit) to any three fileds RGB and press "yes" - beam must split into two parts:

one will go to the bracket

another will go to the mirror

and you have no beam splitting - this is a problem.

There are a few probable causes of it:

1.  - No power supply to AOM driver(s). Check the power on the control points.

2.  - You have no signal from Image Processor PCB to AOM driver.

3. -  You have moved AOM crystals in wrong position if you touched them.

4. -  Signal from AOM driver does not reach AOM  (cause: poor contact)

If the power supply of AOM drivers is OK - check the output signal from Image Processor PCB.

How to check:

On the incoming coaxial cable ( "INPUT" label) of the AOM driver (when you unput 4095) must appear  - 1 V (minus 1 Volt) between central contact and ground.

If you have no such voltage - ther is no signal from Image processor PCB.

Excuse me for ugly English...

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Dear sir

I have solve my problem for laser there is problem with LLD20 Board i bought new board and problem has been solved

Now Find the attachment to see a problem

I am trying to print more than 100 times but the red colour is coming instead of White

so see the image and tell me what to do

i have change my chemical also but still problem is there

Please any one help me about this problem

or leave your contact  info with reply


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This looks like it could be a light leak or some debris which seems to be blocking most of the red laser only. It could be a shutter problem or an alignment problem. Make sure the laser unit is properly seated and the area under it is clear of dust or other debris.

I am leaning toward a light leak somewhere. Make sure all covers inside and out are in place.

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I have Fuji Frontier 370 and I am facing a problem with software its called EZmain.

It doesn't starting, please help me on my questions which is given below,

1. where can i get the software.

2. If i format the pc than after can i reinstall it ?

3. or can i upgarde ?

Please Help me.

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I am not qualifed to make a technical posting but it seems to me that AOM driver is faulty.

Or I might say that the AOM crystal isn't vibrating right. SO I believe it is from the AOM crystal electronic control(AOM Driver) or from the AOM crystal itsefl.

Please ignore my advice if it looks silly.

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