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W-1548 Error


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41 minutes ago, TECNOR said:

check the setting network.

Just curious - which network settings he has to check, when he has not communication between scanner ( SP2000 ) and printer ( LP2000SC ) ?

Printer to scanner connected using firewire cable. On printer firewire cable connected to FMA20 board and on scanner - to GLO20 board.

When on Fuji 370 have no communication between scanner and printer then can be problems with printer, scanner, or firewire cable between them. From printer keyboard check printer ( using printer maintenance menu ) . Make sure, that it works. Test scanner. Try to scan without printing. Try replace firewire cable. Only when you do all that can tell something.

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Here is not a printer, but server.

On your minilab installed FDIA software - A1, C4/C5 and optional modules on scanner and C4/C5 + optional modules on server.

Before you didn't write error number. You are correct. Error E-1435 means no communication between scanner and printer. 

If scanner works then check printer. Using printer LCD menu make printer tests. To make more tests on this menu go into service mode.

If printer and scanner work then try replace FMA20 board on printer, GLO20 board on scanner and firewire cable between printer and scanner.

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