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Frontier 340 with 550/570 Front End


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I just wanted to know if it's possible to "unlock" some features within the Digital Imaging Front-end. I've got a Frontier 340 minilab and DIC2 3.0-0E-521 installed on Digital Imaging Controller. As far as I know, this piece of software has never been designed for Frontier 340 but some wise guys have managed to get this thing to work. ...and yes, it works but there are some options disabled such as "Reorder" and "Hold". Eh... Hold is active when I press the button with a pictogram in the lower right corner (a window and two arrows) and inactive after pressing the circular "OM" button in the right upper corner of the software window. I'll write more when I find some more issues but these are the most annoying as the features mentioned above are one of the most commonly used...

Best wishes,


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