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Yellow Photos in frontier 330


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[face=Times]when Im printting a picture some photo have a yellow colour  im making a upkeep to corecet this error and it corected but at the next day the upkeep upnormal  blue and im corectted it and my pictures its ok that error not constant  help me pleas im from iraq thanks [/face]

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if you look at working condition of laser you will see that there is a certian requirements exist:

temperature - 18 ~ 30 degrees and humidity 70% at maximum.

If you have ambient temperature higher than factory recommends - you may have problem of course.

but if you decide now to chill out the lab - it will not help.

So tyr to swap  AOM driver first and find out which one is defective.

how to swap I described here:


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It is definitely the AOM driver. These units are very problematic. Since the Fuji only has one AOM driver it is necessary to switch the inputs G for B and B for G. Then switch the outputs G for B and B for G. Your problem will now be a magenta/green shift. You must either replace the AOM driver or repair the unit you have. If you would like to seek a repair, please contact National Laser Co.

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I have found fast solution if you need to finish your work fast. Just swap BNC connectors on left and right sides (upper b to upper g and lower b to lower g)on AOM driver and print some condition tests. You will be able to finish work an maybe work for a couple of days but AOM driver still need to be replaced.

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