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C4/C5 Install Problem


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OLD FRONTEND Version:V5.0-0E-820

A1 Version:7.0

Because of hardware problem, I prepare a new PC with Windows XP SP3 and C4/C5 V5.5-0E-953.

Network configuration is fine, I can see each other in Network Neighborhood. But I can't connect between FRONTEND and FRONTIER.

Install Procedure is as below:




1. Install Adaptec ASPI Driver 4.72

2. Install MSDE

3. Install C4/C5

What should I do in FRONTEND or FRONTIER?

Should I install C4/C5 in FRONTIER?

How to register FRONTEND in FRONTIER?

What is the latest patch in C4/C5 5.5?

Still try to find C12 Software.


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Install Windows 2000

Name and organization: FUJI and FUJITECH

Service Pack 4 or latest

Drivers for moterboard, network, etc

Registry EnableBigLba=1 for large drives to be seen in Windows 2000

Move Swap from C: elsewhere

Create User FRONTIER

NETBEUI protocol install

Name computer FRONTEND

install MSDE, 64, FDIA and Plextor

The order of steps matters.

Usually if anything wrong cannot repair, install everything again starting with new Windows

Recomended: install Ghost and backup drive to be able to recover anytime in just 3 minutes.

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Our "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" have printing machine.

Frontend server installed on windows 2000.

We would like to set up Windows 2000 software uninstall windows xp.

A computer with Windows XP installed for the trial, "the MSDE and FDI," I installed the software but the device out of "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" printing machine software does not seem to FDI.

How can these settings.

Thanks in advance for your help

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

(e-mail at no brackets)




Bizim "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" baskı makinası var.

Frontend sunucuda windows 2000 yüklü.

Biz windows 2000 yazılımı kaldırıp windows xp kurmak istiyoruz.

Deneme için Windows Xp  kurulu olan bir bilgisayara "MSDE ve FDI" Yazılımı kurduk ancak out device "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" baskı makinamız FDI yazılımda görünmüyor.

Bu ayarları nasıl yapabiliriz.

Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

( mail adresinde pazantezler yok )

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This article describes how to manually install the unsupported NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI) protocol on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP. The NetBEUI files must be copied manually from the Windows XP CD-ROM before NetBEUI will appear in the list of installable network protocols. Microsoft has discontinued support for the NetBEUI network protocol in Windows XP. However, it is understandable that migration to another network protocol such as TCP/IP may involve significant time in planning and testing. Therefore, if you want to migrate your system environment to Windows XP by obtaining the full, retail-released version of Windows XP, you can find the NetBEUI protocol on the Windows XP CD-ROM in the Valueadd folder.

Install NetBEUI on Windows XP

The files that you need for installing the NetBEUI protocol on Windows XP are Netnbf.inf and Nbf.sys. To install NetBEUI, follow these steps:

Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive and then locate the Valueadd\MSFT\Net\NetBEUI folder.

Copy the Nbf.sys file to the %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\Drivers folder.

Copy the Netnbf.inf file to the %SYSTEMROOT%\Inf hidden folder.

Note To make a hidden folder viewable, follow these steps:

Click Start, click Run, type Explorer, and then click OK.

Click Tools, click Folder Options, and then click the View tab.

Under Advanced Settings, click to select Show hidden files and folders under the Hidden files and folders Folder.

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Network Connections.

Right-click the adapter you want to add NetBEUI to, and then click Properties.

On the General tab, click Install.

Click Protocol, and then click Add.

Click to select NetBEUI Protocol from the list and then click OK.

Restart your computer if you are prompted to do this.

The NetBEUI protocol is now installed and working.

Note %SYSTEMROOT% is a Windows environment variable that identifies the folder where Windows XP is installed. (Typically, that folder is C:\Windows.) To view the value that is associated with %SYSTEMROOT%, type set at a command prompt, and then press ENTER. (Other environment values will also be displayed.)

Note After following the steps that are listed earlier in this article, you can use NetBEUI on LAN connections. However, you will not be able to use NetBEUI on a remote access connection. Remote access connections cannot use NetBeui.

For additional information about NetBEUI in Windows XP, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

306059  (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306059/ ) The NetBEUI protocol is not available in Windows XP

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Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, and I have a problem similar to this one. Oh, if I mention anything I'm from Brazil.
I installed Windows XP, then ASPI, MSDE, soon after the FDIA. I set up NETBEUI after reading here about it. But still the 
PC does not update the data and do not connect. When I enter the SYSTEM, I can not place the SP-2000sRGB in the 
Device within the Output Device Setting. The two pcs are in the network and by explorer it is possible to access them.

What can I do to make it work? Waiting for answers
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Printing speed depends on minilab, which you have. Compare print speed from film and digital prints.

To increase print speed use faster server computer. On all computers install 1gb speed network cards. The latest C4/C5 is designed to work on Windows XP PRO . With used XP can be used faster computer. 

The latest C4/C5 can be forced to work on W7 32 bit. Experienced  IT engineer can help to run SQL correctly and then all work.

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