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C4C5 client computer


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Hello friends hope all is fine,

friends i install a client PC c4c5 v 5.5, so it is communicat and printing well with frontend (server)

but when i send an order from client the pictures converted in the same computer (client)

sothe question how can i configure the client convert the pictures in Frontend Outspool ??

sorry for my bad English

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Good morning, we to resolve this problem, enter the control panel and find the Administrative Tools folder, select Data Sources (ODBC), System DSN tab, there are databases FDIA-BAK, FDIA-ORDER etc. Select any one and go to the configure button, there is observed a pick list that asks for the server, then localhost should default engine, change it to the FRONTEND option, press the next button and ask how to start, you must choose the first option that says "start on login windows NT, press the next button to end this wizard. This should be done with each database. And finally restart the computer. Later I will put pictures of this, because right now I am not in the office. For the moments I hope will be helpful.

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Our "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" have printing machine.

Frontend server installed on windows 2000.

We would like to set up Windows 2000 software uninstall windows xp.

A computer with Windows XP installed for the trial, "the MSDE and FDI," I installed the software but the device out of "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" printing machine software does not seem to FDI.

How can these settings.

Thanks in advance for your help

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

(e-mail at no brackets)




Bizim "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" baskı makinası var.

Frontend sunucuda windows 2000 yüklü.

Biz windows 2000 yazılımı kaldırıp windows xp kurmak istiyoruz.

Deneme için Windows Xp  kurulu olan bir bilgisayara "MSDE ve FDI" Yazılımı kurduk ancak out device "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" baskı makinamız FDI yazılımda görünmüyor.

Bu ayarları nasıl yapabiliriz.

Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

( mail adresinde pazantezler yok )

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