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Help, C4-C5 not Run in Win XP


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Hi guys, i need help.

i have much problem in install C4-C5 v. 5.0-0E-820.

The tests were done on different configurations:

In win xp pro and home (italian version) with patch following this procedure --> http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1272922484/  by Abdul Quddus but Fdia don't work and i see error in FdiaServerStatus.exe when i run the program.

I test it on 5 Pc, 3 virtual and 2 real.

I use another procedure: http://support.hotsource.co.nz/AvatarHandler.ashx?radfile=%2fCommon%2fFujifilm%2fFujifilm_C4C5_XP_SP3_Instructions.pdf

but the problem is same.

I install the original software from CD but is broken because in the installation i look: DB_Make error  and i detect that the file data2.cab is damage. No problem, i proceed the installation and after i copy from windows 2000 the directory. In a new virtual machine with win 2000 it's ok and the program run normaly. In win XP the problem is FdiaServerState.exe error.

3 questions:

1- Is sure that my 5.0-0E-820 works on win XP with the patch Abdull?

2- there is an update for my version? (example patch C4C5 VER 953 --> http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1276035336/ )

3- is there any friend who can 'send me the data2.cab file (46MB) with his FTP? or in my ftp.

Thx so much and sorry for my bad english.


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oh dear,c4/c5 works only on 2000(5.0)For client installation in FMPC witch runs under XP you need 5.5 witch is copy protected.!!!!!!!!!So you have to go back to 2000.OR I will try to make  a copy (that will take some hours and  send it to you)Hopefully somebodyelse on this forum have a better idee.GREETINGS P.

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Hi Hassan.

Is the first time that someone ask me for money. It's a long time I use forums and so on and I usually help people if I can. For free.

If I ask 100$ for every single help I give... I would be rich now.

Thanks but I do not accept.



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Our "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" have printing machine.

Frontend server installed on windows 2000.

We would like to set up Windows 2000 software uninstall windows xp.

A computer with Windows XP installed for the trial, "the MSDE and FDI," I installed the software but the device out of "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" printing machine software does not seem to FDI.

How can these settings.

Thanks in advance for your help

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

(e-mail at no brackets)




Bizim "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" baskı makinası var.

Frontend sunucuda windows 2000 yüklü.

Biz windows 2000 yazılımı kaldırıp windows xp kurmak istiyoruz.

Deneme için Windows Xp  kurulu olan bir bilgisayara "MSDE ve FDI" Yazılımı kurduk ancak out device "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" baskı makinamız FDI yazılımda görünmüyor.

Bu ayarları nasıl yapabiliriz.

Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

( mail adresinde pazantezler yok )

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