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Where to obtain C2 for Frontend PC?


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Hi Guys,

Just a quick run down, I used to build and setup Frontier 350/370 minilab frontend PC because the ones supplied by Fuji were complete junk and with extensive use of photoshop, large quality images those ones supplied didn't cut it.

I'm from Australia (hello!), and have custom built frontend machines for stores in Bonnyrigg, Richmond, Liverpool, Bankstown whilst I was at uni.

It's been a few years since I've touched one of these things, but a family friend asked me to setup another frontend PC for them.

But for some reason, they have lost the Fuji C2 CD!!!!!!!!! So I can't install the printer drivers on the PC for them to print directly off.

Where can I download or find an image or copy of this? I've got copies of the original C4/C5 v4.5 and v4.6 and also the upgrade disk if anyone wants a copy of it.

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Our "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" have printing machine.

Frontend server installed on windows 2000.

We would like to set up Windows 2000 software uninstall windows xp.

A computer with Windows XP installed for the trial, "the MSDE and FDI," I installed the software but the device out of "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" printing machine software does not seem to FDI.

How can these settings.

Thanks in advance for your help

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

(e-mail at no brackets)




Bizim "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800SC" baskı makinası var.

Frontend sunucuda windows 2000 yüklü.

Biz windows 2000 yazılımı kaldırıp windows xp kurmak istiyoruz.

Deneme için Windows Xp  kurulu olan bir bilgisayara "MSDE ve FDI" Yazılımı kurduk ancak out device "FUJI FRONTIER 330 SLP 800-SC" baskı makinamız FDI yazılımda görünmüyor.

Bu ayarları nasıl yapabiliriz.

Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkürler.

E-MAİL: xbaydostx(@)hotmail.com

( mail adresinde pazantezler yok )

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