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Can I print digital without film scanner on?


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My understanding is that the film scanner drives the unit, probably as that was a good bet when the machine was first designed, more than 50% of throughput was coming from scanned film.

Unfortunately (for folks like us at least!) that is no longer the case these days.

I don't know if the modifications would be worth it.  They may far outweigh what I assume you are trying to save on power consumption, in cost.  I think there is a digital module to replace the film scanner that is also expensive.

There is a lab on the East side of town here that was griping to me about the same thing the other day, so I only know of this anecdotally.

We are, fortunately,  very very busy with 35mm and MF film, so the Frontier here at the lab is happy as is and we don't have to contemplate these things.

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