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Problem with a fuji film processor


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You can replenish manually, about a fluid ounce of replenisher in AFTER you dump a fluid ounce of working tank solution.  That's I believe for 36-exp. rolls and higher speed films require more replenishment as they have more silver..

Sorry, don't have a fix for your specific problem.  FORTUNATELY our processors are from the '80s and they aren't "idiot-proofed" as yours seems to be.

We just have to keep calibrating the output of the replenishment pumps and running control strips to spot any troublesome trends, pun intended :-D.

Thank God thank God thank God I haven't got to deal with cartridge chemistry, plug and pray.  I remember in a crunch buying and canibalizing a bunch of RA-2SM kits for Fuji or Kodak/KISS and they were a hassle.

Call up Fuji or Kodak though and you can get specific replen. rates per roll depending on what process you are using.  Don't let your process get moe than EIGHT POINTS OUT OF CONTROL (half an F/stop or a film speed)!

A lot of labs are letting their chemistry turn to much and ruining customer film due to ignorance.  And that makes us all look bad as film labs when it happens. . .

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