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Adjustments needed after replacing laser unit?


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It's pretty easy, you need an inverse microscope/magnifier. It is like an ink jet printer. You go into laser rough adjust and print one. Then you pick the lines that make black. Then you do the same with the fine adjust. You have to select the proper order of colors which is why you need the magnifier that reverses that color pattern for example if the colors are in order of megenta, yellow, cyan then the magnifier would show cyan, yellow, megenta and this is what you enter for color order of the fine adjust.

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All you need is to look at the service manual (page 514) and you will see that:

Align the two holes in the laser unit base with the locating pins on the frame.

• After reinstallation, perform the following adjustments.

1) Menu 0547 “Main Scanning Position

Adjustment/Laser Beam Synchronous Rough Adjustment” (see Subsection 5.6.16).

2) Menu 0548 “Laser Beam Synchronous Fine Adjustment Print” (see Subsection 5.6.17).

3) Menu 0522 “G, B Laser (SHG) Optimal Temperature Setup” (see Subsection 5.6.2).

4) “Print Condition Upkeep” (Pre-operational Checks)

If you do not have such service manual - download it from my web site www.minilablaser.com.

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The color order is for the fine adjustment. Before you make the print you have to put in the order of the colors that you see in the vertical (Main scanning, Left to right) and horizontal (sub-scanning, top to bottom) lines.

There are similar directions in the "laser beam sync. fine adjustment print" menu. You must to the Laser rough adjustments first. You get the color order to enter from the Rough adjustment print. You take that and enter it into the fine adjustment print with the initials of the colors in the drop down menus. Then you print the fine adjustment print and select the vertical and horizontal lines that are aligned best or black.

It should be pretty intuitive once you start doing it and these instructions should make more sense.

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