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Magenta Problem Persists.


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I finally replaced the bad G AOM driver on the 370 and this time the machine detects it however Magenta still dominates the colors. Even when I have interchanged the AOM drivers, the dominant color is still Magenta.

The Upkeep as you can see from the sample looks the same.

Could you please advise what I could do now. Am I missing something?

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I doubt that there is a laser issue.

if the labs accept it and says that test is "ok" - the problem is inside the densitometer.

if you have AD 100 densitometer- you will not be able to change the colour to normal. ( call out the techsupport)

if you have AD200 dens - you can adjust the colour ( 1234 password)

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You know, you can use, on a Mac, the color checker tool that goes along with the Color Sync application and read those values as 8-bit color too.  THen you have to convert to densitometer values.

That's what I would do here if the problem weren't taken care of.  You can enter densitometer numbers in manually on an older X-Rite model or even use certain I think they are Epson model flatbeds which do much the same thing that I could do manually with the eyedropper tool and Color Sync if you just buy their software.

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